Husband for an hour – minor household repair

Any repair services. We have been working since 2010!

We perform all kinds of services. “Husband for an hour” or minor household repair in the house, apartment repair.

Our specialists will perform all kinds of repair works around the house, make repairs in the apartment, country house fast and in due time.

Our specialization is minor household repair. Order the Husband for an Hour service from us and you will get high-quality inexpensive repair!


Repair works around the house is one of the most highly-sought services. Not everyone can make repair acting alone without special knowledge. Our repair service will help you to hang a picture, curtains, to make repair in the bathroom, to repair bathroom and lavatory equipment, to fix the cooker, dishwasher, to move or repair the furniture.

The husband for an hour will solve all your problems; you just need to call us and order repair works around the house. Our experienced master craftsmen will come whenever convenient for you and will repair doors, fit locks, repair and mount windows, take out the garbage, make professional cleaning.

Order the Husband for an Hour service by calling: +1 (305) 343-79-20

What you will get if you order home repair works from us

High quality, 12-month guarantee for all kinds of works and your peace of mind!

  • Any kind of turn-key works

    We will make turn-key repair and within the shortest possible time!

  • Low prices for all services

    Our prices for repair works are among the lowest ones!

  • Any repair within short time

    We will make any repairs within short time convenient for you!

  • 12-month guarantee for all works

    After the repair you will be given a 1-year warranty certificate for the works performed!

  • Free visit of the master craftsman

    The craftsman will visit you free of charge on the day of application.

  • We perform any moving house

    Moving house, packing of furniture and belongings. With and without removal porters.


Yes, we give a 12-month guarantee for all our works of any kind of repairs. After the repair you get a warranty certificate for the services rendered.

No, just one craftsman will visit you and carry out all the works at a time. He is a plumber-repairman with 10 year experience.

Certainly. Our prices for repair works are among the inexpensive ones, and we will come at the time appointed by you and meet the timeline. The price is individual for every object.

Certainly, we also work on a noncash basis.

We certainly have such a service. A professional welder with 9 year experience.

The average price is from 40 to 60 USD per square meter. Our craftsman will tell you the final prices when he visits you.


Our team

Our workers will perform all kinds of minor works around the house and minor apartment repair.

Our employees have at least 4 year experience. We provide a 1-year guarantee for all works.

Order the Husband for an Hour service!

1500+ performed repair works
100+ professional repairmen in our team
2000+ clients satisfied with our services
7+ years of work on the market of repair services



Any turn-key apartment repair

Painters, plasterers, paperhangers with experience of 8 years up


We will repair any windows, doors, fit locks

High-quality repair within 1 day. We will collect the refuse after our work


We will disassemble, assemble and repair any furniture

Any kind of works on the day of the order. We repair and assemble any furniture of any manufacturers


Moving house, packing of furniture and belongings

Moving house with or without removal porters. The vehicle arrival time is from 1 hour

Electrician’s services:

  • Connection, repair of any household appliances.
  • Installation and relocation of sockets, lighting fixtures, switches.
  • Wiring troubleshooting.

Mounting works:

  • Mounting of brackets for TV sets, curtain-rods and shutters.
  • Mounting and repair of shelves and drawers.
  • Installation and repair of locks, doors, windows.

Plumber’s services:

  • Replacement of water supply and sewerage pipes.
  • Installation of dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Replacement and installation of mixer taps, toilet bowls, baths.

Minor household repair:

  • Hanging of any curtain-rods.
  • Laying of floor covering.
  • Installation of doors.
  • Replacement and opening of locks.
  • Mounting of skirtings and casings.

Assembly of any furniture:

  • Furniture repair.
  • Kitchen assembly.
  • Assembly of cabinet furniture.
  • Assembly of upholstered furniture.
  • Furniture disassembly.
  • Shifting furniture.
  • Replacement of fittings.

Equipment installation and repair:

  • Installation and adjustment of any equipment
  • Repair of TV sets and microwaves
  • Repair and installation of washing machines
  • Connection of dishwashers
  • Repair and adjustment of PC.
  • Repair and adjustment of printers.
  • Repair of gas cookers.
  • And many other things!

Any repair of any complexity within the shortest possible time!

Our craftsman will visit you on the day of application!